Artist Statement

After thirty years as a botanical artist in South Africa and Great Britain I have spent some years breaking away from the constraints of precise painting and finding my way with a much freer approach.

My art is essentially shaped by my life experience and origins, ideological and social values. I mostly work completely unplanned and use spontaneity and intuition to produce something that was barely imagined before taking brush to canvas. I work with multileveled tones, formal and informal shapes, superimposing structures, light and dark tones, different media, line and colour to create a painterly prose and a believable illusion to the eye of the beholder. There is a fascination in not making visible the conventional relations between existing things or people apparent, instead creating one’s own relations in one’s own context . What has long held my attention is the transient, the unspoken, the space between formal acts of perception. It is the space which beckons one to wander beyond borders and to return having broken across boundaries.